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Real Estate Ideas During COVID


I am Donna Bordeaux with During COVID many things changed for a lot of people including real estate agents. Most of your livelihood before was in-person and very social in its nature. But, many of you have had to decrease that and you’re still helping people buy and sell homes. However, a lot of this has been done virtually now.

If you look at how the changes have affected you, I’m assuming you probably have to spend less time doing some of the things that used to take longer. You may not have the longer commutes or travel times in your car as much as you did before, but perhaps you’re more efficient and can do more to earn more. I encourage you to look at your processes and procedures and don’t just do everything the same way because you did it that way yesterday or last year.

Look at what improvements you can make to your processes to help you become more efficient and be able to help more people and be more profitable with using things like virtual meetings, using virtual tours, using your website more using social media to market yourself. You can become more profitable.

I’m Donna Bordeaux with If you’d like to talk about your situation, I’d be happy to chat with you. Just click in the upper right corner of our website on let’s check and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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